When Debt Gets Lighter, Life Gets Better

It all starts with clear and personalized financial advice. 

When Debt Gets Lighter, Life Gets Better

It all starts with clear and personalized financial advice. 

You Can See It Now...

A house of your own, a rainy-day savings account that’s always topped up, and an easy, breezy retirement where you can island-hop to your heart’s content. Kind of like the financial freedom your parents have worked so hard for.   

 Only problem? 

 You're strapped with more debt than you can wrap your head around. Sometimes it keeps you up at night; other times you pretend it's not there. And just when you think that maybe - just maybe - you've got your finances figured out, a tiny voice inside your head says, "But you're not good with money. You're a millennial!"

Let's Rewrite Your Financial Story With myAdvisor

Right now it might seem like the light at the end of your debt tunnel is pretty dim, but myAdvisor can help.

Easy & Affordable

MyAdvisor includes an easy & affordable online membership

Access to a Financial Advisor

Get access to your very own financial advisor providing ongoing support.

Build a Wealthier Future

Learn clear, proven strategies to relieve debt, boost your savings, and invest for a wealthier future.

Instead of feeling hopeless – like you’ll never get to where your parents are – you’ll finally have the tools you need to build a life you love.   
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Here’s how it works …

There are four stages to the myAdvisor membership program with increasing levels of support.

You’ll start with myAdvisor and as you implement the learnings in each stage, you’ll progress to the next level of support.

The goal is to get you to a place of financial freedom so you can tick off all those items on your bucket list.

The best part: there’s no guesswork. Your financial advisor will be with you every step of the way to keep you on budget and on track to reach your goals.

Membership Levels

Stage 1: myAdvisor 

Cash Flow Management 

$24.99 per month 

Areas of focus: Budget & Spending, Debt & Credit Management, Savings Strategy  

This is perfect for you if: you feel like you’re always living paycheck to paycheck and want to reset your spending habits.

You’ll learn: proven strategies for creating and sticking to a budget, how to get out of debt, and how to start saving without sacrificing your day-to-day happiness. 

You’ll walk away: feeling more confident about your financial future. You’ll realize that your current situation doesn't have to be your forever reality.  

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Stage 2: myAdvisorInvest

Investment Management 

$67.00 per month 

Areas of focus: Everything in myAdvisor + Portfolio Analysis, Investment Recommendations, Account Set-Up, and 401k Monitoring   

This is perfect for you if: you’re stumped on where to start when it comes to investing. (It feels like a whole other language to you!)  

You’ll learn: that investing can be easy. Your advisor will help you build an investment strategy and portfolio that match your unique life goals.   

You’ll walk away: feeling proud, knowing you’ve set yourself up well for the future – and it was easier than you expected!  


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Stage 3: myAdvisorPlan 

Retirement & Financial Planning Solutions 

$125 per month

Areas of focus: Everything in myAdvisorInvest + Purchase Goal Planning, Retirement Planning, and College Savings Plan 

This is perfect for you if: you want to step things up with a higher level of financial support and account management. 

You’ll learn: how to prepare for some of life’s biggest milestones, like retirement and your kids’ college years. You’ll also learn how to protect your hard-earned wealth with insurance planning strategies. 

You’ll walk away: feeling secure in what lies ahead; like you’ve just mastered ‘adulting’ in a major way!


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Stage 4: myAdvisorPlus 

Product Solutions / Assets Under Management (AUM) 

$250 per month

Retirement & Financial Planning Solutions

Areas of focus: Everything in myAdvisorInvest + Investment Advisory Services,  Comprehensive Planning Strategies, Business Planning, and Family/Legacy Planning

This is perfect for you if: you want to enhance your financial services experience with advanced life solutions. You also want to bring in other family members so they can be a part of your wealth generation plan. 

You’ll learn: higher-level strategies for your business, how to prepare your assets for wealth transfer, how to lay the foundation for legacy planning, and more. 

You’ll walk away: feeling certain that your life, business, and family are all in great financial hands.  

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This myAdvisor Plus membership includes access to a free and private Wealth Generation Facebook community. You’ll have more financial tips at your disposal and be able to join in on conversations centered around lofty goals – like retiring by a certain age,  reaching your first million, and more.

You might be wondering,
“But how can I invest in myself now when I’m already struggling with my finances?”

The answer is simple. How can you not? As the saying goes, when nothing changes, nothing changes. Rather than staying stuck in your current financial situation, you can take steps now to give your debt the send-off it deserves.

Also, the cost for an entire month of myAdvisor is a fraction of what you’d pay to meet with a financial advisor for just an hour. It’s an affordable, value-packed investment that will pay off for years to come.

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